My biggest challenge….

Having had an interest in sport and exercise since I was at school ensures that I was always quite physically fit. I enjoyed playing sport and once I’d left school i continued doing some form of exercise whether it was going to the gym or taking exercise classes. I would even do home video workouts if necessary.

As I got older and probably from the age of 25 my life and lifestyle suddenly changed. I worked longer hours, having become self employed you have to do what is necessary, I was tired a lot more and my spare time evaporated!!

Weight gain was inevitable… made even more inevitable when i became pregnant with my little boy in 2008.

I gained 2 stone while i was pregnant which although was normal healthy weight gain, it put me at 13 stone.

After having Harry in April 2009, I did lose most of the baby weight and felt good about myself however I now had something else in my life to take up more of my ever depleting spare time.

I was still self employed, the necessity to work was still there, Harry obviously and quite rightly needed me.

My weight continued to fluctuate and I found losing weight harder and harder as I got older.

I knew what I was meant to do, I knew how to exercise efficiently and eat well, however I really didn’t have the time and because I didn’t have the time I was stuck in the mindset of putting things off.

It’s not until you look at photos from years ago when you thought you were fat and overweight and then compare them to photos of now and realise in actual fact you are fat and overweight now instead!!!

So here I am 10 years after having Harry and still my weight fluctuates.

However I have retrained in my gym instruction qualifications.

I have achieved a diploma in nutrition and weight management and nutrition for sport and exercise.

I am qualified in Behaviour Change Coaching.

I’m beginning to help myself again, find the time, motivation and improve my self efficacy to believe in myself again.

I can help you too … visit my facebook page @getsetgonutrition, find out about my courses or contact me at

Fitter, Happier, Healthier


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