Tail bone…

….. My little Hunley is a very nervous dog. Everything makes him jump. He always thinks he’s in trouble and he always looks guilty.

One afternoon had come home from work and at the time we ran a sandwich van. There were several things leftover which I brought into the house for someone to eat.

My husband was home and later on that afternoon we were going to look at new premises for another business venture.

Before we went we decided to have some lunch. I chose a tuna and cucumber baguette.

We sat in the lounge and started eating. Hunley laid at my feet and Molly our other dog laid on the rug, watching out of the corner of one eye just incase the baguette managed to make its way on to the floor.

Little did she know what was about to happen!!

Half way through my baguette my mobile rang. This was unusual for this time of day so I leapt to my feet to get to it before it rang off.

Hunley who was dozing at my feet freaked out because I’d moved so fast and as I’d gone to step over him with my plate in my hand he started to run away and completely took my feet out from under me.

I flew up in the air legs above my head and landed, backside first right on top of my baguette!!

I jumped up in absolute instant pain as tears streamed down my face like a 3 year old child.

Hunley shot off as he knew he was the cause, my husband didn’t know whether to console me or laugh at me, although the latter was obviously what happened, and Molly, well her patience had finally paid off and she whisked the half a baguette away with shear delight. I don’t think it even touched the sides.

Needless to say I was in agony for weeks every time I tried to sit down or bend down as my tail bone (coccyx) was so badly bruised and I haven’t been able to look at a tuna baguette since.


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