Change of direction

So….. i started this blog page with the intention if providing an insight into various eating establishments in the Costa del sol. Seeing as we have sadly ended our journey there and we are back in the U.K I decided to change my plan.

I have 2 dogs, Molly, a labrador/collie cross and Hunley, a Sharpei/collie cross. They provide me with daily enjoyment and annoyment so i thought I would share these moments with my readers.

Molly, pictured above is a loving, needy pet dog whom we have had since she was 8 weeks old. She is a highly intelligent and extremely disobedient dog. She rules the roost.

Hunley, pictured above is the most awesome dog in the world (biased I know) and he has featured in some of my previous blog posts. He is extremely obedient however a complete moron! He is hen pecked by Molly of course.

My blogs regarding my dogs are meant to give you a light hearted in sight into life with them. I will blog individual stories of what they get up to so you can follow their story.

Hope you enjoy following them


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