A sad tale…..

My 8 year old always looks forward to Halloween.

He likes to dress up but not as something too scary, just in case he freaks himself out!!!

We don’t do face paint either, because it means having to wash his face after and water on his face is the end of the world!!!

For the last few years we’ve always been trick or treating with his cousins but now we have moved away.

We are waiting for him to get a school place at the local school so as of yet he hasn’t made any friends. 

He decided he didn’t want to go trick or treating this year as he didn’t know anyone but wanted to dress up at home.

On Halloween he put on his vampire costume and cape and devil horns and filled his bowl with sweets and sat and waited.

We waited and waited and then the doorbell rang.

The dogs went nuts as always, we quickly shoved them in the kitchen and grabbed the sweets. 

We opened to the door to find the Yodel delivery man standing there grinning.

My little vampire was not happy so off he stropped. 

The delivery driver on the other hand was more than happy to take a sweet!!

Again we sat and waited for another couple of hours. I painstakingly tried to explain to Harry how maybe the the children thought the little old lady still lived here and they shouldnt knock just in case they scared her.

This is the worst Halloween of my life

Harry said unhappily. 😭😭😭

Molly, the dog, agreed. She was never one for dressing up.


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