How not to fish with an 8 year old…..

So…… Our last weekend before leaving Spain, what should we do??

Given that the sun shines here most days, today of all days started out pretty cloudy. That ruled out a day at the beach. Something I could easily have done. Other options included a trip to the skate park, shopping, or just generally getting out of the house. 

Harry, the indecisive 8 year finally decided on a fishing trip 😭😭

Out came the beginners rod set bought earlier in the year with a promise of we’ll go fishing when we can blah blah blah , however I think this must have been its second outing. 

It had been hidden in the top of the wardrobe to stop small children taking each other’s eyes out with the fishing hook and thus forgotten about.

Anyway…. Not wanting to be a party pooper off we all went once the rod had been untangled due to an impatient small boy wanting to fish before we’d left the building.

We needed bait. Mercadona here we come. My husband says just buy a handful of unpeeled small prawns off the fish counter. Off I went only to find large prawns complete with heads and legs were the only option  on both the fish counter and the fresh fish shelves next to it. 

I retreat back to the car where Harry shouts out the window ‘What happened then?’ Like something had gone on!!

‘They only had prawns with heads and legs’ I said. I hadn’t been given an alternative so I gave my husband his wallet and off he went determined to of course prove me wrong.

Whilst waiting in the car Harry and I discussed fish. ‘ Where do Mercadona go fishing’ he asked. 

‘They don’t do the fishing, you see all the boats at sea don’t you?’ I replied. ‘ Yes ‘ he said.

‘They do the fishing and sell them to Mercadona and then we buy them.” I told him.

” Oh , ok so how do they get the fish in the fishfingers then ?” He asked.

As I explained how this happens my husband returned with a pack of frozen prawns. Thank God I hadn’t had a blonde moment and totally missed them on the fish counter.

We were off, finally we reached the preferred fishing destination. Not far from the house. I wondered how long this expedition would last. Probably not long for several reasons.

I was right, we pitched up on a rock that according to Harry looked like a jet ski. We sat while my husband set up the rod. Harry and I attempted to set up the selfie stick. We failed of course as my phone wouldn’t connect with it. 

My husband was setting up the rod whilst moaning that the bait probably wouldn’t stay on the hook because it was frozen. 


An early get out clause me thinks!!!

Prawn one was launched and we sat and waited. ” Lets play eye spy?” Said small boy.

“Really, is there nothing else” I said. 

Eye spy was forgotten about as the reel came back in having lost prawn one.

After a deliberation, as to which would stay on the line, prawn 2 was launched. 

We sat, we watched 2 women collecting shells. We discussed whether we should move as the rock we had climbed over to get to the ‘jet ski’ was getting covered with water.

In came the reel again. Prawn 2 had of course also fallen off.

“This isn’t going to work, I knew this was a mistake” my husband said.


Prawn 3 was the final choice as if this didn’t stay on that was it, game over, fishing trip done. Half an hour killed.

Prawn 3 was launched. We sat and waited. This time we discussed the paddle boarders we could see and how far out they were. “Do you reckon you could get them with the fishing line” said Harry.
” I think they’re a bit far away” I said. “Looks like bloody hard work, I wouldn’t want to be them”

The reel came back in, prawnless, as expected.

“Right that’s it, I’ve had enough” said my husband.

“Thank God” said Harry.
Off we trundle , back to the car. Debating where to go for lunch. Another big decision. 


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