What I won’t miss…..

Living in Spain for the last year or so has be quite an eye opener. 

There are of course huge benefits to living here, one being the nearly year round sunshine you experience and one of my favourites is the added bonus that you can wash and dry your laundry in one day. No need to drape it round the house like a Chinese laundry!!!!

But aside from the continuous al fresco dining and the glorious walks along the paseo there are downsides to living here in Spain.

Driving – The Spanish cannot drive, end of story. There is a massive confusion for them over which lane they should be in regardless of the situation. Any opportunity to cut you up and they will.

Indicating is non existent. They are unsure as to what the stick thing on the steering wheel is actually used for thus they don’t bother. This is most infuriating for any other driver who has an ounce of highway code knowledge in their head. I don’t remember guess work being in that manual!!

Parking – according to any Spaniard the lines are not there to separate their car from yours. It’s perfectly acceptable to use them merely as a guide and park diagonally across them.

My favourite parking skills come from the parents at my child’s school. It’s like a scene from wacky races, particularly when school has finished. There is no need to park in a space or in the car park when the chevrons and the round abouts arcs perfectly acceptable places to ‘dump’ your car.

Driving slowly – the Spanish don’t drive fast, however they do know how to drive incredibly slowly. Making any journey along the coast road take at least 15 minutes longer than it should do.

In Spain its illegal to drive with flip flops on, no t-shirt on, your arm out of the window and your music too loud. It is however perfectly ok to drive whilst talking on your mobile, stop anywhere in the road to park your car as long as you have your hazards on or not really be too concerned about whether your child is strapped in the car seat.

In Spain nothing g is straightforward. There is a mound of paperwork for everything. Everything you do requires 50,000 signatures and heaven forbid you lose your bank card. You cannot change anything over the phone, order a new card update any phone numbers etc. You have to go into the branch at which you opened the account. Highly inconvenient and annoying.

The Spanish are extremely loud. You will know instantly who is what nationality. The Spanish cannot hold a conversation at normal decibel level. Shouting is the only way to get their point across.

Dog poo!!! Pick it up , omg the volumes of dog poo in the area I live in is disgraceful. It’s laziness. Get a bag, any bag, pick it up.

Rubbish bins – they can walk their rubbish to the bins but rather than lift the lid and put it in they dump it on the floor. This then creates a new problem when the stray cats come out and rip the bags to pieces.

I’m sure I’ll think of other things to add to this as I’m moaning about them.

Please add your own comments and experiences or even correct me if I’m wrong. Happy reading ……


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