Lucky in Life….

I have only lived here for a year but it doesn’t take long to appreciate the lifestyle you have in the Costa del Sol.

One of the massive benefits is the 320+ days of Sun we have here.

You can plan ahead and pretty much guarantee the weather will be anything but wet. 

The area I have lived in for the past year is quiet and tranquil and there are no boy racers charging past at all hours of the night. There are no drunken people walking past my window arguing. There is no continuous traffic streaming past my door. 

The lifestyle here is a expensive or inexpensive as you wish to make it. You control your own money and how and what you spend it on. 

You are surrounded by outdoor living. You can just go for a wander along the promenade, you can have a cheap day out at the beach. You can have lunch for 10€ for 2 people in some areas.

You can just sit outside and read a good book or a blog, or even buy an English newspaper here.

Children can play safer. The Spanish love children and dining out is never an issue if you have children as they are welcome anywhere.

The days and nights are longer and you find yourself staying up later as this is normal. Dining late is normal, children up past 10pm is normal.

School holidays are longer. However there are plenty of summer camps available to children who’s parents work during the day. These are subsidized by the local authorities so children can have fun while parents work. My children went to a local Lego summer camp for a week and loved it. It cost me 63€ 

We have been lucky enough to live in a villa this summer with a pool. My little boy has spent the summer learning to swim, something I would have never had time for in the UK , he is now a fully fledged water baby.

I went out the other evening and walked from one town centre down to the coast line and walked along the promenade. Such a beautiful area, buzzing with life. Plenty of shops and bars and ice cream parlours.  

We all commented how lucky we were to live in this lifestyle. 

To have the beach in our doorsteps, the good weather, the plentiful bars and restaurants and the safe environment for our children.

We have visited most of the attractions in our area. Over the next couple of weeks we aim to venture further afield to see what’s new. Ronda, Nerja and the all famous Smurf Village.

So many beautiful places to visit and then blog about so I can share my experiences. If you have any recommendations then please leave them in the comments.


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