Bioparc Fuengirola….

This was my second visit to this enchanting recreated rainforest hidden in the central town of busy Fuengirola. You would never believe it was in such an environment.

As with all attractions in the Costa del Sol this one is not cheap however it is good value for money. 

Booking online is highly recommended as its slightly cheaper and they also offer a family package for 60€ which is not available when you pay on the door. This I feel is a little naughty because on average most are families of four. You can save 10€ by booking this online in advance.

As you the enter the park you can have a family photo taken which is available to purchase on your way out. 

The park itself is very sheltered lots of tall trees to mirror rainforest life. The animals are all enclosed but unlike with English zoo’s there’s an element of trust put in the general public as you can get quite close to the enclosures. 

The big animal attractions available are tigers, gorillas, orangatans, crocodiles, leopard, hippos and a large selection of smaller animals, reptiles and birds. 

You can get up close with the tigers and gorillas as there is only reinforced glass between you and them and they are often sitting just the other side.

There are daily shows, mainly every hour including an interactive animal and Bird show in which you can see birds flying across the audience and animals such as otters, porcupines, armadillos and others as well as children being picked to feed the deer. 

There is an interactive lemur experience in which you can get up close with the lemurs. There is a guided tour around their environment where you can learn how they live, breed and how they are cared for by the park.

There is a cafeteria area at the park which is always busy despite being very expensive which you can imagine.

The park is an enjoyable 2-3 hours , longer if you are staying to eat. There’s plenty to see and the animal environments are very much like they would expect to be should you see them in the wild.

Due to the vast amount of tall trees and big leaves the park is very shaded making it enjoyable no matter what how hot it is.

And of course on your way out is the obligatory gift shop, if you hadn’t already spent enough money.

A great family experience for all ages whatever the weather. 

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