Beat the Heat…..

Most foods can leave you feeling bloated at the best of times, however when faced daily with constant high temperatures and humidity its hard to know how to stay cool and beat the heat as well as the bloat. Especially if you’re on holiday and you want to look great in that bikini!!!

There are plenty of foods available to help beat the heat and each has there own health benefit as well.

Watermelon – Has a high water content and plenty of antioxidants.

Cucumber – Full of Fibre and is 96% water. What more can I say. 

Mint – Delicious and Refreshing 

Green Veggies – Each has a high water content, perfect for staying hydrated.

Onions – contain cooling properties and are a perfect addition to any curry, salad or dip. Red onions in particular are rich in quercetin which is a natural anti allergen and can help protect against Sun stroke.

Melon – 90% water , Hip Hop Hooray.

Coconut Water – Keeps the body hydrated as well as having cancer fighting properties and anti ageing properties, everyone’s as winner 😊

Wherever you are in the world, eating local fruits and veggies is a must especially when they are in season. Their nutrients are at their peak in the summer. 

Drinking plenty of water will aid continual hydration however it can be boring, especially when you’re craving a mojito!!

So why not jazz it up: Make ice cubes using lemon juice or lime or even freeze berries, grapes or chunks of water melon in the ice cubes as you make them.

Also contrary to popular belief caffeinated drinks i.e tea or coffee will not dehydrate. This is because the caffeine amounts are vastly outweighed by the water content. 

Happy Days.

So remember, eat smart and beat the Heat and you’ll also beat the bloat. 

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