Traditionally Spanish…..

So… Being as I am now a resident in Costa del Sol, I thought I would share with you some traditional andalusian dishes. Just so you don’t miss out.

First up –

Pescaito Frito: translated literally means little fried fish. The fish is coated in flour and then deep fried in olive oil, with only salt as a seasoning. Served hot of course with fresh lemon to give that zingy taste. 

Can be served as an appetizer or as a main course option.

Some great restaurants to try this dish are

Restaurant Toro – Benalmadena Marina

Caliu Restaurant – Torremolinos

Casablanca Juan Los Mellizos – Torremolinos

La Langosta –  Fuengirola

Next on the list is  Gazpacho.

A combination of raw vegetables, served cold including tomatoes, cucumber and garlic is thought to have arrived with the Romans. 

Red Gazpacho is thought to have evolved in the 19th century when tomatoes were added and then it spread internationally.

A great recipe for Summer Gazpacho

3rd on the list and my personal favourite is Ensalada Malagueno, translated means Malaga style salad. It represents beautiful Malaga and combines the sea with fresh vegetable gardens. Ingredient include Cod, Olive Oil, Olives and Oranges. 

Oranges?? I hear you say, but yes they compliment a sweet with a sour flavour.

Various restaurants will serve this across the Costa del sol all with their own twist to make it their own.

Last but not for any particular reason is the amazing Gambas Pil Pil. My husbands favourite.

It’s one of the areas most famous dishes, Prawns served hot and sizzling in a sauce of garlic, chilli and olive oil.

This dish should always be prepared to order as this is part of the theatre. You should also make sure you have some rustic bread for dipping to soak up all the delicious flavours in the oil.

Whilst the dish is fairly uncomplicated, there is a knack to getting the sauce combination correct. 

Try some of these great places;

La Mandragora – Calahonda

Asadores Segovianos – Fuengirola
El Capricho – Benalmadena
If you visit any of these restaurants or try any recipes your thoughts are very much appreciated 

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