Life on the ocean wave ….

This would be the second boat trip I’ve had the privilege to go on since being out and I must admit for different reasons I’ve enjoyed them both. The company was the same on both occasions however this time I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely family who were on holiday here in Benalmadena.

The trip was from the award winning marina in Benalmadena. A place I love regardless. I love the shops, the hustle and bustle, the scenery and numerous bars and restaurants.

Anyway, I’m digressing, when we booked the trip the guy in charge sold us fishing, dolphin spotting and swimming. To be honest I was only interested in the dolphins and generally being on the boat. They also mentioned that my 8 year old would be able to drive the boat, any little boy would be mad not to jump at this chance.

2 hours trip, 30€ each and 20€ for my child. Not bad and pretty similar to any other boat trip in the marina. Always shop about for prices, there’s always someone tying to kid you on.

We left the marina, which is a view in itself. So much to look at from boats, to people to apartments, and of course the fish.

Once on the open sea we made our way along the coast line to Fuengirola. The staff on board were eagerly looking for those ever elusive dolphins. 

Please be warned should you choose to take a boat trip which mentions dolphin spotting that this is not a guarantee. The dolphins are free in the ocean and can roam as they please.

We spent the next hour and a bit sailing across the sea in our search but to no avail.

My little boy at this point got to drive the boat. 

You can even hear the boats talking to each other sending them directions as to where the dolphins were in the sea.

We stopped for a while so that people could take a quick dip in the sea, even my little boy was up for it. The boat provided life jackets which was great, although he was disappointed there were no inflatables. 😂😂

The young lad from the other family also got to enjoy a spot of fishing before we started to head back to the marina

Just as we were on our way back the driver spotted a group of boats all circling a group of dolphins and even though we were out of our allotted sailing time we still headed over to see them.

All things considered I really enjoyed myself as did my son. The other family also enjoyed themselves.

My stepson thought there should have been more fishing rods available for everyone to use. 

Highly recommended, whichever company you choose to sail with.

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