Don’t even …..

I’m not going to name and shame this restaurant we visited over the weekend however the picture of what I had should be enough to put you off ever ordering such a concoction. I’m not sure what I was thinking or that I was even thinking at all.

It was on the menu as chorizo with scrambled egg and chips.

The eggs as you can see are fried, not scrambled and they looked like they had been on the griddle since the day before, the chorizo which was clearly an entire chorizo was all on top of what I would imagine a whole bag of cubed potatoes, commonly known over here as patatas bravas. 

Heart attack in a bowl. Needless to say I couldn’t eat it all. The waiter came to clear the table and promptly gathered all the leftovers on everyone else’s plates including my chorizo, egg, chip combo and threw it in the sea to the fish. Which to my surprise they gobbled it up, obviously they are regulars at this establishment. 

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