Are you counting the right …..

….. Calories.

Have you ever wondered why you’re counting calories all day everyday and not achieving anything?

The idea of counting calories to help with weight loss has been around for many years. The public believe that by consuming less calories this will lead to considerable weight loss and whilst yes this will happen it can also have reverse effects if not carried out effectively.

It’s all very well saying well as a woman I’m allowed 2000 calories on average per day, however if all those calories are made up from sugar and starchy carbohydrates that are very calorific, in the long run this is not beneficial to your overall health as well as not providing the body with the correct nutrients.

I had a friend that had this mentality. Funnily enough now she is a diabetic!

Counting calories is beneficial but only if carried out in the right way.

You need to calculate your BMR – basal metabolic rate – how many calories your body needs just to tick over throughout the course of the day.

Once you have this you can then calculate how many calories you consume on an average day.

Once you have both these pieces of information you can calculate how much weight you want to lose and how much the calorie deficit should be.

There is a science behind this and I can help you achieve your goal in an effective and healthy way which will last.

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For one to one sessions in the comfort of your own home or group sessions with your friends.

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My biggest challenge….

Having had an interest in sport and exercise since I was at school ensures that I was always quite physically fit. I enjoyed playing sport and once I’d left school i continued doing some form of exercise whether it was going to the gym or taking exercise classes. I would even do home video workouts if necessary.

As I got older and probably from the age of 25 my life and lifestyle suddenly changed. I worked longer hours, having become self employed you have to do what is necessary, I was tired a lot more and my spare time evaporated!!

Weight gain was inevitable… made even more inevitable when i became pregnant with my little boy in 2008.

I gained 2 stone while i was pregnant which although was normal healthy weight gain, it put me at 13 stone.

After having Harry in April 2009, I did lose most of the baby weight and felt good about myself however I now had something else in my life to take up more of my ever depleting spare time.

I was still self employed, the necessity to work was still there, Harry obviously and quite rightly needed me.

My weight continued to fluctuate and I found losing weight harder and harder as I got older.

I knew what I was meant to do, I knew how to exercise efficiently and eat well, however I really didn’t have the time and because I didn’t have the time I was stuck in the mindset of putting things off.

It’s not until you look at photos from years ago when you thought you were fat and overweight and then compare them to photos of now and realise in actual fact you are fat and overweight now instead!!!

So here I am 10 years after having Harry and still my weight fluctuates.

However I have retrained in my gym instruction qualifications.

I have achieved a diploma in nutrition and weight management and nutrition for sport and exercise.

I am qualified in Behaviour Change Coaching.

I’m beginning to help myself again, find the time, motivation and improve my self efficacy to believe in myself again.

I can help you too … visit my facebook page @getsetgonutrition, find out about my courses or contact me at

Fitter, Happier, Healthier

Rediscovering myself

…..I recently retrained in nutrition and weight management. It’s always been something that has interested me.

Years ago i qualified as a nutrition and weight management adviser alongside a level 2 gym instructor qualification aswell as many other courses but my path, as many of you will understand, took me down a completely different route.

Since having rediscovered my identity about 18 months ago and moving back from Spain I decided to rekindle my love of all things health and fitness.

I have a job working as an activity professional in schools delivering lunch clubs, after school clubs and curricular p.e lessons. It’s a job i love and one that has taken me out of my comfort zone and also made me realise this is my comfort zone!

I will share with you all on this blog my stories, my tips, my strategies for dealing with everyday life through not only health and fitness but also how to find yourselves amongst the chaos that is everyday life!

Fitter, Happier, Healthier….. Enjoy xx

I’ll lay where I want…

… Molly is the most intelligent highly disobedient dog I’ve ever owned.

She rules the roost and it doesn’t matter how many times you tell her, she just doesn’t care.

She will make her bed where she feels most comfortable even if she knows she’s not allowed.

She knows she’s done wrong when she gets caught but will still continue to do it anyway.

On the sofa!!

On the bed, my side!!

And again…..

And again!!!

In the sun!!

And again!!

On the sofa …. again

On the bean bag

On the sofa, with encouragement!!!

Actually in her own bed!!!

Tail bone…

….. My little Hunley is a very nervous dog. Everything makes him jump. He always thinks he’s in trouble and he always looks guilty.

One afternoon had come home from work and at the time we ran a sandwich van. There were several things leftover which I brought into the house for someone to eat.

My husband was home and later on that afternoon we were going to look at new premises for another business venture.

Before we went we decided to have some lunch. I chose a tuna and cucumber baguette.

We sat in the lounge and started eating. Hunley laid at my feet and Molly our other dog laid on the rug, watching out of the corner of one eye just incase the baguette managed to make its way on to the floor.

Little did she know what was about to happen!!

Half way through my baguette my mobile rang. This was unusual for this time of day so I leapt to my feet to get to it before it rang off.

Hunley who was dozing at my feet freaked out because I’d moved so fast and as I’d gone to step over him with my plate in my hand he started to run away and completely took my feet out from under me.

I flew up in the air legs above my head and landed, backside first right on top of my baguette!!

I jumped up in absolute instant pain as tears streamed down my face like a 3 year old child.

Hunley shot off as he knew he was the cause, my husband didn’t know whether to console me or laugh at me, although the latter was obviously what happened, and Molly, well her patience had finally paid off and she whisked the half a baguette away with shear delight. I don’t think it even touched the sides.

Needless to say I was in agony for weeks every time I tried to sit down or bend down as my tail bone (coccyx) was so badly bruised and I haven’t been able to look at a tuna baguette since.

Change of direction

So….. i started this blog page with the intention if providing an insight into various eating establishments in the Costa del sol. Seeing as we have sadly ended our journey there and we are back in the U.K I decided to change my plan.

I have 2 dogs, Molly, a labrador/collie cross and Hunley, a Sharpei/collie cross. They provide me with daily enjoyment and annoyment so i thought I would share these moments with my readers.

Molly, pictured above is a loving, needy pet dog whom we have had since she was 8 weeks old. She is a highly intelligent and extremely disobedient dog. She rules the roost.

Hunley, pictured above is the most awesome dog in the world (biased I know) and he has featured in some of my previous blog posts. He is extremely obedient however a complete moron! He is hen pecked by Molly of course.

My blogs regarding my dogs are meant to give you a light hearted in sight into life with them. I will blog individual stories of what they get up to so you can follow their story.

Hope you enjoy following them

Dog Etiquette…..

So I’ve just moved back to the UK to a small village called Meldreth just outside Royston. It’s a nice place, everyone knows everyone.

We have 2 dogs a Labrador/collie cross and a Sharpei/collie cross. The Sharpei is my dog and his name is Hunley.

He is very obedient and hates to be told off. He knows when he’s in the wrong and will spend the day trying to make up for it.

Up the road from us is a wood with a track through to the other side of the village. We have been through it on a few occasions with us dogs and it’s an enjoyable walk.

2 weeks ago I took Hunley alone through the wood and a man was running towards us, we didn’t see the dog as he was behind him but as the dog can round the corner he spotted Hunley and came bounding up to us.

Now Hunley having been hen pecked by my other dog is quite nervous when we are out anyway. He saw the dog and took an instant dislike to him because he was running at us. 

I attempted to pull Hunley out of the way and try to stop him from pulling away from me but he’s quite a strong dog and as he tried to get at this dog who was jumping around my ankles he sank his teeth into my thigh by mistake.

The man,oblivious to what was really going on called his dog repeatedly and apologised because “she should know better than to run up to people” 

Well maybe she should be on a lead then!! One of those things you think you should have said at the time but got caught up in the shear shock of it all!!

We walked off and I realised that my leg hurt. Where Hunley had tried to defend himself he had sunk his teeth into my leg. I lifted my leggings up to find a bloody patch surrounding a hole in my thigh just above my knee. It hurt but I thought It would be just a graze so we carried on towards home.

When we arrived I inspected my leg in more detail to find it was quite deep and bleeding quite a lot. 

Did I need a tetanus??? 

Doctor was closed. Walk in clinic was closed. My only option was A&E!!!

We went into royston and discovered an NHS  flu clinic open , maybe they could advise me. 

Not a chance, they gave an appointment for Monday but said if it was a problem go to A&E. Deep joy!!!!

We went to Tesco bought some antiseptic wipes and some quick healing plasters.

I spent the day on the sofa in quite a lot of pain, envisaging a trip to A&E the following day as the bleeding hadn’t subsided.

Thankfully the bleeding stopped over night and the wound has healed quite nicely.

I thought that would be a one off experience for poor old Hunley. But no our dog walking antics were not over.

This evening, not even 2 weeks later, we we’re out walking in Meldreth just me and him. We walked along the street rather than the woods this time.

We came to the part where we cut through the alley way and come back across the playing field.

On the other side of the road to us, yes the other side!!! An old man was on his driveway and had 2 corgi/yappy dogs off the lead just waiting for him. 

Hunley didn’t see them but they sure spotted us and one of them charged over the road towards us barking. 

“Oh shit”  was the first thing I said, quickly followed by “run Hunley run!!!” 

We ran down the alley way with both dogs now in tow barking at us and trying to get at Hunley. I kept shouting run and he kept turning to see if they were still there.

The old man had no chance of catching them so my only hope was that him shouting at them to come back would work eventually. 

We ran for what seemed like forever. I thought if they caught us they wouldn’t stand a chance against Hunley, especially after the last event we went through.

Eventually the dogs stopped. Hunley and I were safe. The old man shouted “sorry about that!!” 

Well he would have been if Hunley had got them. Where do you stand with that?

I think there should be a law that all dogs should be on a lead while being walked. It’s not fair on the dogs that are kept on a lead at all times to deal with the stress of another dog running over. 

I think dog owners should be more wary of how other dogs react to each other. Not every dog needs a muzzle. But it’s unfair to think that your dog will be ok with another dog.

Thoughts and comments on this situation would be much appreciated.